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When should I think about Implants? Who can be treated using Implants?

Not all patients are suitable for implant treatment. The fixtures must be embedded insufficient bone and in a suitable position so that they can provide the necessary support for the dentures or the crown or bridge. Some patients may not have enough bone volume; this problem may be overcome by bone grafting techniques. Therefore, the initial assessment is essential; this often includes x-rays and study casts. If this examination does not reveal any obstacles to the use of implants further assessment, including special x-rays is usual to check the anatomy and measure the quality and quantity of your bone.

There are a few medical conditions, which prevent the use of dental implants. There is no upper age limit and elderly patients are often quite suitable. Implant failure rates are higher in smokers and patients in this category need to be aware of this.

What are the benefits?
Confidence and comfort. The specific benefits can include: Will it be successful?

No treatment can be guaranteed to work but implants have a high success rate, up to 96%. It is our policy to screen all prospective patients thoroughly and ensure that they are suitable for the technique.

How long can implants last?

Different long-term research studies have shown that implants, which have been placed in good bone, can last several decades. However, some implants failed if the quality of the bone wasn't good, if there was too much bite force for too few implants or implants weren't long enough for the demand of a given case.

How long will treatment take and how long many visits are needed?

The treatment is completed in phases over 5-9 months and the number of visits varies from patient to patient. However, these issues can be discussed in more detail at the consultation appointment.

Is the procedure painful?

The implants are placed in a very gentle manner using meticulous surgical technique and care is taken to be kind to the tissues involved. Although many implants patients report no more discomfort than during a routine dental procedure, your mouth may be swollen and uncomfortable for a few days after the operation.

Where will I be treated?

The vast majority of implants are placed in the dental practice. Various measures, including the use of sterile gowns, gloves, caps, patient and surface drapes etc are used to ensure an appropriate sterile environment. Of course, all instruments are prepacked in sterile containers.

Will I ever be without my teeth?

This depends on your situation. Patients wearing dentures may have to leave them out for about 7 days. The success of the treatment can be compromised if the fixtures are subjected to early pressure from chewing or from the denture. After this period, the dentures can be worn with a soft lining until the new implant-borne denture or bridge is fitted.

How important is aftercare?

Cleaning around the implants is very important. Maintain the implants will help assure the long-term success of your treatment. You will be responsible for the daily plaque removal, which can be accomplished by brushing and flossing around your implants, and an appropriate appointment schedule will be arranged for maintenance and review of your home care.

What do I do next?

Please contact our Reception to arrange an appointment.

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